Bum Life


I’ve resigned from my job three months (and counting) ago due to personal reasons. I don’t regret it but I do miss waking up at ten thirty in the evening and going on shift at two in the morning. Or wake up at six in the morning and go on shift at ten in the morning. Or go on duty for almost twenty hours and being paid quite poorly.  As they like to call it, airport life. Anyway, it was my first job. It was very toxic so I had to leave. Which leads to where I am right now.

I actually like the bum life. Everything about it. I like having no organized schedule. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Being the bookworm I am, I am able to read as many books as I want. Or watch the series that I missed or I wasn’t able to catch up on to. I’m able to reconnect with my friends since my schedule before was really twisted up that I wasn’t able to have a social life. My face cleared up again because I’m not stressed and I’m able to get seven to eight hours of sleep. I was able to lose weight and exercise. I don’t get sick often anymore (Thank God!). I got back into writing. I’m able to study different languages (but I’m having a hard time since I’m bad at languages). My time is my own.

But there’s also some downfalls of bum life.  You’ll get bored easily. If you’re like me who’s part of a one sided love, you’ll be sad. Your mind won’t be busy so you end up thinking about that person. You feel unproductive, useless, and helpless. You don’t have enough money to spend on yourself. You will become dependent again. There are times where you wish you can go back to work again but no one’s calling you (HUHUBELS). But you have to find something to get busy to while you’re on this stage of your life. Just like I did.

I’m not really good at ending this kind of things, but  as I said, everyone goes through this stage. It’s normal. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Weirdly yours,



One thought on “Bum Life

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying.. but it can give you a lot of time to think thoughts you probably shouldn’t. It’s great to see that you’re seeing the glass as half full

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