Back On The Job


After four months and fourteen days of lounging around, fangirling, pigging out, moving on, going crazy, basically living the bum life, I AM NOW GOING BACK TO THE EMPLOYED LIST OF PEOPLE IN THE PHILIPPINES! My mom and my sister keeps teasing me about being hired and all. About how I’m excited to work again and earn my own cash. I am so not. To be honest, I was enjoying my bum life. If my friends happen to read this, you would know why I was enjoying it. (I even went crazy over that but that needs to be in another blog post :D)

Though I have to admit, I’ve missed working. But all I can feel right now as I am typing this up is nervousness. My hands are shaking and sweaty and I feel super hungry even though I had a big dinner earlier. It’s been a while and my new workplace is quite far from home. I’m not even familiar with the place (but I am now since I have to go back there for quite a few times). Oh, well. I guess this is just first day jitters.

For those wondering, this is just my second job. It’s not my dream job (being an FA is) but it’s in line with what I’ve finished (I’m a degree holder of BS Tourism). It’s also quite similar with my old job since I still have to interact with people. So I just have to smile a lot. HA! It sounds so easy. But it isn’t. This random babbling of mine is just a way of relieving this uneasy feeling of mine.

And since I’m back to working, I think I’ll find more time to write than before. I don’t know why but I feel more inspired and productive when I’m busy. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post at least once a week.

Weirdly yours,



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