Heneral Luna

Heneral_Luna_film_posterGeneral Idea

Heneral Luna is a Filipino film depicting the Philippine-American war under the lead of General Antonio Luna in 1899. It is directed by Jerrold Turog, written by E.A. Rocha, Henry Hunt Francia and the director himself and produced by Artikulo Uno Productions. With a very amazing cast with the likes of John Arcilla, Mon Confiado, Arron Villaflor, Joem Bascon, Archie Alemania, Epi Quizon, Nonie Buencamino, Paulo Avelino and many more. A fictional film based on facts that are legit. I guess this movie is what you call historical biopic.


And here we go with my thoughts. I am writing this down in a very emotional state. I need to before I forget or started to come up something new to write. Just a few minutes into the film I can feel myself getting teary eyed. It’s because of the bloody facts that they were showing. The fact that the Spaniards sold us to the Americans for 20 million dollars. The fact that the American soldiers shot those Filipino soldiers that asked them to halt so they can ask what’s happening. The fact that we had the worst first president ever.  Writing all of these is making me cry again.

There’s actually a lot of hilarious moments in this even though it’s a very serious movie. My favorite scene probably was in the train station. Obviously, no one can speak English here that well before since we were under the Spanish regime before the Americans came. And since General Luna studied in Europe, he can speak Filipino, French and Spanish. But not English. Favorite line was Nauubusan na ko ng Ingles! Hulihin mo na nga lang ito! Walang hiya yan pinag Ingles ako sa sarili kong bansa!” I was laughing so hard and then things got serious again. I love how they did that. Obviously, it’s not always serious in someone’s life. It kept the whole film very realistic. I’m in awe on how this film was directed and written.

I really thought that this film would be low budget and will have bad cinematography. But I am so wrong. Epic camera shots and angles. Moments. Just wow. I think my mom got sick of me saying ‘EPIC CINEMATOGRPAHY!’ throughout the whole movie. But it really is.

But what made me so emotional about this film is because they showed the true colors of Emilio Aguinaldo and the other members of the cabinet at that time. The crab mentality towards each other (which is still present in the modern Filipino times), the selfishness and the lack of love for the freedom of their own nation. No wonder this movie got everyone talking about, got banned from some cinemas. It became controversial. They dropped every names that is considered a traitor to the Republic of the Philippines. And damn, Emilio Aguinaldo. Just because he was effin’ threatened to be thrown out as the president! He bloody had Antonio Luna killed by those cowards and traitors. Antonio Luna did not deserve to die in the hands of those idiots. Pure evilness. That is the effect of politics to someone who is hungry for power. An eye opening film that showed the harsh reality of the past. AND THEY MADE THAT AGUINALDO A FREAKIN’ HERO WHEN HE IS THE ONE THAT SOLD OUR COUNTRY! (insert keep calm mantra in my head)

Every Filipino must watch this epecially those who live in Cavite so that the real colors of their “hero” can be seen. A wake up call to all of us. The Filipino film industry should show more films like this instead of mistresses and such. Tsssss.



Weirdly yours,



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