Funny, Weird and Awkward Moments

Since I’m on break, I’ve been thinking a lot. Which can be bad but this train of thoughts are surprisingly entertaining and uplifting. Funny, even. I went on a job interview last week and something awkward happened which leads to this post. I have quite a few moments like these and I’m gonna sum up some of my funny, weird and awkward moments. (Surprise! It’s not a negative or emo or sad post! YAAAAAAAY!)


>Happened last week:

After my interview, I went to eat lunch at McDonald’s. A really cute, nerdy guy was sitting at the table next to me. After eating I stayed for a few more minutes because I was watching Lucifer on my phone. I went out and was thinking on which direction I should go because I have no idea on how to route that place when I suddenly felt someone tapping me lightly in my shoulder. I turned around and it’s the cute, nerdy guy!

Cute, nerdy guy: Hi! Uhm. This must be weird and all but I couldn’t help but notice you at McDo earlier. You’re very pretty. I’m Justin. Uhhh… Is it okay if I get your digits so we can get to know each other?

Me: Oh. Er. *smiles awkwardly and starts to walk away slowly* BYE!

And then I turned around and ran. *facepalm* I could’ve just said no. Hahahahaha!


> The Seeking Dad

I used to work as a ground staff for Cathay Pacific Airways MNL and almost all of my funny moments came from working at the airport. This one is just my most memorable one.

Pax: Iha, ilang taon ka na? (Dear, how old are you?)

Me: Sir, 20 po. Turning 21 this year. * Looking through his passport not really minding our conversation*

Pax: Oh tamang tama! My son is 23! Just the right age. And he’s looking for a girlfriend! Do you have a boyfriend, iha?

Me: *stares* Wala pa po. (Don’t have one.)

Pax: Here. Right your name on FaceBook and your e-mail address. I’ll have him add you! You look respectable and decent. Good enough for a daughter-in-law.

Me: *smiles and write down his request*

The son did add me. I just didn’t reply to his messages. HAHAHAHAHA


That’s all for now. I suddenly got a mental block! Hahahaha! Dang it. Oh well. I’ll just post a part two or something.

Weirdly yours,




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