Oh, That Annoying Non-Writer’s Block

I am not a writer and I will never be a writer. I do know to myself that I don’t really write well. I just like writing. And I write whatever pops into my head. But the bad thing is that I have a writer’s block even though I am not a writer hence I call it non-writer’s block. Or NWB (Clever, right? No? Oh. Okay -_-)

So how do you over come it? You don’t. If you see from my posts, I always have a huge time gap between them. I can never post regularly and sometimes I post twice in a month or something. I can never over come it nor control it. So I just ignore writing until my love for writing comes back again. We have a love-hate relationship okay?!

I feel jealous of those other bloggers, though. I mean, they write so well and still manage to find inspiration to anything. Maybe the reason why I’m like this is because I don’t go anywhere. Yeah, that’s it. I have a boring life. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, I guess I have to do SOMETHING for me to be able to write. I guess I can blog about my Singapore trip. Hmmmm… Not a bad idea. WHY DID YOU NOT THINK ABOUT THAT EARLIER, JEM?! YOU COULD’VE AVOIDED BEING AWOL FROM YOUR BLOG FOR SEVEN FREAKIN’ MONTHS!

Oops. Even on writing I talk to myself. Drats. I’m not crazy, everyone. Promise! *pinky swear*

Before this post gets more out of hand, I’ll end this. I will really try to post that Singapore trip though.

Adios, amigos!


Weirdly yours,



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