To My Ex-Best Friend

Hey You,

I was suppose to write about Animorphs, you know. But for some reason you keep popping into my head. It also didn’t help that I went through your profiles and decided to “stalk” you. Bad move.

I miss you a lot, donut. I miss us. Or what used to be us anyway. I miss our endless conversations regarding our fandoms, especially about Harry Potter. I wish that the reason why we stopped being friends is because we were growing up or because you were moving. Because it would have made things way easier.

I am sorry for suddenly unfriending and unfollowing you. Although you never reached out to ask. I do wonder about that. Anyway, back to apologizing and explaining. I am sorry for not being able to say goodbye to you when you were leaving for NZ. I never told you the reason and, again, you didn’t ask. The reason was because I felt betrayed. Yep. That is the reason.

You may be wondering as to what part of our friendship did I felt that. You know I had that relationship with that certain someone. And I opened up to you about how that someone was making false pretenses towards me, to the point that the NBI was almost involved. Yes, it was that bad. I guess I was too naive to think that you would back me up or avoid that person too. But then I saw these photos of you guys having fun and I felt heartbroken and betrayed. All I can think of was, ‘How can my BEST FRIEND do this to me?’ So I did what I did.

People told me that I’m stupid for wanting to be friends with you again. I can’t help it. So I reached out to you. But I guess you really didn’t want to be friends anymore because you were cold. Yes, you did answer. But it was polite and cold. I guess I would’ve preferred if you just ‘seen-zoned’ me instead of answering like that. It tore me to pieces again.

I still love you like an idiot even if you don’t give a damn about me anymore. I still care. Do I still hope on rekindling our friendship? Yes. I still do. Stupid, huh?  I have a lot of questions but I guess it will all be left unanswered. I still think of you as my soulmate. Not in a sense that we’ll end up marrying each other. You know what I mean.

I wish you well. I wish that you succeed in your life. I wish nothing but the best for you.

Fair farren, my dear.





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