Happy (Late) New Year!| Recapping

2016: The year of my shameless selfies. HAHAHAHA! First photo: Me, on the last day of the year.Next three: Me on my uniforms. Fifth: Baguio Botanical Garden. Sixth: Singapore. Seventh: Color Cloud Manila 2016. Last two: Camaya Coast.

So many things has been going on that I actually am confused as to what is really happening to my life. Operations are now on going at work so I’m usually tired (and sick) most of the time, my rest days are confusing due to running off (BOO!) and I am just simply gobsmacked because it is already 2017! Yay! Nine days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My 2016 has been a real roller coaster. I worked in two different companies, been into an epic fail long distance relationship, dated a douchebag, gained weight, lost weight, traveled to Singapore and into the different parts of the Philippines, started working on my third company (and hopefully will be staying for a long time since I think I found my calling), attended my first ever event/party, started dating an awesome guy (and yes, I think he is the ONE), got into an awful fight with my parents (especially the mother hen), went to a private island/beach, finally had the courage to wear a bikini, dyed my hair for the first time ever, cut all ties with fake friends and also lost my grandfather (just this Christmas’ Eve).

It has its ups and downs but I got to admit, even though every single one of us were dying to have 2016 over, I didn’t regret anything that happened last year. Goodness, it still feels weird to say last year when it was just a few days ago.

But all has been said and done, so I’m officially saying goodbye to 2016 and saying hello to 2017. May this year be a better one, not just to me but to every single one of us who have hopes that it will be their year.

Note to self: DO SQUATS! 😉


Weirdly yours,



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