Victim Blaming/Shaming

There has been a lot of issue regarding this and I finally had enough. Women are always a victim of being touched when they don’t want to be, we get catcalled in the rudest way possible and instead of being protected, we get blamed for that.

Someone gets raped. Instead of saying that it’s the guy’s fault for not being able to control himself, they blame the woman instead. Her dress is too short. Her jeans are too fit. Her top is too low. She’s showing too much skin. Are you freakin’ serious?

There’s some instances that these freakin’ maniacs just can’t take no for an answer. I was wearing my school uniform (long-sleeved blouse, A-line skirt below the knee) and the man beside me has a hard on and he kept pushing himself to my butt. I kept moving away but he kept following me. And then I bumped my bag hard on his balls and then he moved away. When I told my professor about it, he told me that I should’ve moved away without hurting the guy and maybe because I kept tempting him that he did that. Me. Tempting him. Do you see the problem? Now, tell me. Was it my fault? Did I tempt the idiot on dry humping me?

This kind of thinking should stop. Everyone should learn to respect everyone. Enough with shaming or blaming the victim.

Okay. Done with the rant. This is badly written but I really need to let this out. ‘Til next time.

Weirdly yours,



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