Tale As Old As Time…



It’s time for another fangirl outburst from yours truly. So, me, being a fan of Emma Watson and Belle, as my favorite Disney princess, there really is no surprise that I watched Beauty and The Beast.

I actually didn’t set any expectations for this because remaked movies tend to disappoint me. I just watched this to support my favorite actress. But, oh boy. This remake is wayyyyyyy better than the cartoon. Sure, they did the same songs, almost the same scenes.

First, the actors. A lot of people has been bashing Emma Watson and her singing in the movie. But she actually has a decent voice that can carry a tune and she carried the songs quite well. Acting-wise, she’s perfect. And don’t get me started with Luke Evans. I love that man so much and he makes a great Gaston. Dan Stevens is dreamy and the way he sang Evermore. Oh gosh. You can feel all his emotions in the song that he channeling. I felt myself get teary eyed as he was singing. The rest of the actors (doing voice and finally being revealed on what they look like in the end) are simply amazing. Emma Thompson, ewan McGregor, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline and Sir Ian McKellen are simply amazing.

Now, the scenes. Cinematography is bloody brilliant. They recreated the scenes perfectly and the castle is wonderfully made. The CGIs looks so realistic. And the ‘Be Our Guest’ scene. AMAZING! Made me wish I watched it on 3D instead.

Everything about this movie is just so good that I wanted to clap at the end of the movie. I’m still in fangirl mode that I’m just jumbling everything that pops into my head. Well, nothing new there. My writing is always jumbled. Hahahaha!

Also, I am going to be touching a sensitive subject. There has been a lot of “Christians” that are boycotting Beauty and The Beast because ‘it promotes Satanism’ and ‘it promotes homosexuality’. I don’t get it. I am a Born-Again Christian yet I watched it. I just focused on the tale itself and I didn’t see anything bad about it. We should just stop hating and see the good in everything.

Anyway, that is all. Done fangirling and ranting!

Rating: 4.5 πŸ™‚


Weirdly yours,

Me πŸ™‚


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