That Redhead That Sings


Ed Sheeran. I first found out about him in a Harry Potter group that I belong to in FaceBook when someone posted it along with the caption ‘WHAT WOULD MRS. WEASLEY SAY WITH RON SINGING A MUGGLE SONG?’ And that got me curious. So I clicked on the video and watched. I focused on Rupert Grint at first because it’s just too dang funny. Then I played it the second time and actually listened to the whole song. The next thing I knew, I have listened to his whole album. So I bought + (plus) off of iTunes and kept repeating it until my mom told me that she can’t take to listen to it anymore (oopsie, sorry mother!).

What’s sad about it is that he didn’t become a big name in my country (Philippines) during his first album. I was totally fangirling and no one can relate and kept asking me who the heck was that and that ‘it’s just another random British singer’ that I was obsessing. It’s like McFly all over again (that’d be in another post, loves). The fact that his physical CDs weren’t even available here in 2011 is plain sad.Then around May 2012 I noticed his + album in a music store and I was ecstatic.

Favorite song in +: KISS ME, GIVE ME LOVE and LEGO HOUSE

I was dying for new songs. I have to wait 2 more years for a new album to drop by. Then dropped on 2014 and boy, was I happy. And then he became a hit here on 2015. Thinking Out Loud became an anthem here, thanks to a certain love team that I got obsessed with before (Hi AlDub!). Thinking Out Loud was everywhere. It went to the point that almost everyone was singing it or became annoyed with it.  The only perk about is that his albums are now available here and we were included in his tour. Too bad I wasn’t able to go. I really cried when the tickers were sold out. Good thing I was working at the airport though. I was able to catch a glimpse of that beloved red head even if just for a few seconds. I almost ruined my eye make-up because I was starting to get teary eyed when he was walking through arrival. Yep. I am that kind of fangirl that has crying down a pat.

Favorite song in X: PHOTOGRAPH and TENERIFE SEA

What I love and hate about Ed Sheeran is that he really takes his time before releasing new songs and albums. 2 years without any new content or new about our beloved red head and then bam! Released not just one, but two new singles with the following news that he’ll be releasing a new album. I think I almost broke the replay button. Castle On The Hill most of all. Can I just say that it sounds like a song out of a movie? It is so perfect for those coming of age movies that are so in nowadays.

The day of the release of ÷ , I immediately went home to buy it off iTunes. And oh my blessed heart. He has proved that he really is a musical genius. And I do agree with him when he said that this is best album so far. Unlike his past albums, he actually went on to tell stories in his new songs. Don’t get me wrong. He did tell stories in + and X but it’s different with ÷. I couldn’t even pick a favorite because all songs are a work of a genius. Supermarket Flowers though made me cry so hard. It’s such a beautiful song.

I hope that Ed Sheeran will have an Asian leg on his tour and include the Philippines again. I would love to hear him sing live. I don’t care how much it’ll cost. I will attend.

Here’s to another fangirl ramble from me.


Werdly yours,

Me 🙂


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