She’s ordinary. Nothing really special about her. The youngest out of three. Huge age gap and that’s it. Had her christening with tons of godmothers and godfathers. She doesn’t even know half of them or met them. She only knows 2% of those godparents in real life.

She learned to sit up before her first tooth popped up. She learned to walk at nine months, was running like crazy at one year old. Had a huge first birthday party with her siblings watching over her whilst eating cake and ice cream.

Her parents loves her dearly. She became the focus of her mother’s attention since her mother stopped working and became a stay at home mom. Unlike with her older siblings, her mother watched her like a hawk in every little detail. Her father, when he is around since he works away from home, is so proud to finally get a child that looks exactly like him. They will do anything for her and will also try to control her. That’s how much they love her.

Her siblings became her babysitter when her parents aren’t home, especially her sister. Maybe that’s why she’s so overprotective of her. Her brother teases her a lot. Taught her how to wrestle and made her his partner when recreating the moves they saw at WWE. But even if he made her cry because of the teasing and playing pranks on her, he got her back through and through. All in all, her relationship with her siblings are better than okay.

She got bullied a lot. The kids on the block made fun of her, threw leaves, slippers, and any small stuff that they can find to throw at her without doing any permanent damage, made her the punchline in every joke and they always leave her off to be alone when they’re playing. If they do let her play, they gave her a hard time. Since being a kid, she learned how to be a loner. Same thing goes at school.

At an early age, she turned to books. She let her imagination run wild and recreate those fantasies with her dolls. She turned to writing as well because it helped her not to yearn for people the same age as her. And she is thankful that her mom just let her be or will play with her if not busy.

She experimented with a relationship quite early. At the age of 11, she had a boyfriend. But they found out. And they got mad. And she lost their trust. But regained it back again somehow.

Her childhood is a mix of happiness and sorrow. But she let the happiness drown the sorrow away. Because what good can the sorrow bring to the present other than to deflate the happiness that is on going?



xoxo Jem



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