Hong Kong 2017

Hong Kong street at night.

My family and I went to Hong Kong a week or so ago due to the request of my adorable nieces and nephew to go to Disneyland. It’s my fourth time and I probably enjoyed it more now because I have my own money to spend (yay working me!). I also took more photos and spent a lot of time with my clothes because hey. I rarely travel and I have my own camera/phone now unlike before. So here are some pics that I took and of course, myself for this trip.

Departure and Arrival. I am too lazy to get on my feet, okay? Hahahaha

If you do go Hong Kong, come to this tiny shack for the BEST RAMEN EVER. It is located on Castle Peak Road on Tsuen Wan. We stayed on a nearby hotel, Silka Far East, that has a lot of restaurants near and this is the best.

BEST. RAMEN. EVER. I swear on my life.
Went for some night stroll. Barely understood any of the signages but I was having so much fun walking around because it is so alive!

On to the second day, which was our busiest day. We had our city tour and everyones favorite, Disneyland.


I’m disappointed that they reduced the Avenue of Stars to this due to the massive construction going on in the bay area. You cannot enjoy the walk, the scenery and of course the handprints because of the lost feeling of the place they transferred it to.

This is the best view or location for a photo. The rest of the boardwalk is occupied with construction.

Probably my favorite part of the tour, aside from Disneyland. Exploring the fishing village of Hong Kong.


Disneyland. It never gets old. At least for me anyway. It is such a happy place and it is not as crowded as it was before (Thanks Disneyland Shanghai!). You can enjoy the rides, the shows and the other things more.

The reason why I enjoy Disneyland so much because it reminds me of being a young child again with no worries in life but to play and have fun. It makes me forget all my worries in life even for just one day.


On to the third and last day on which we spent on Ocean Adventure. Unfortunately, a lot of their cool sites were closed (like the Giant Panda!), the two pandas wouldn’t come out of their hiding place so I did not get to see them (they were the most I was excited about), and it was raining. But hey, I still enjoyed somehow!


They are probably well-known for this fun cable car ride. The park is divided into two and for you to reach the Highland, you either have to take the cable car or the train. Cable car is more fun.

They also have this Old Hong Kong St. It’s quite charming. I got my little nieces and nephews posing so cute on this street but I am not gonna be uploading that.



Their aquarium did not disappoint. Even if a lot of things disappointed me in there, this is an exception. I am just in awe as I gaze into this ginormous aquarium full of ocean life.

And let’s not forget the cute and stinky penguins.


Over all, our trip is definitely fun. It’s great to be able to spend time with my family and share this experience with them. More family travels soon!


P.S. I did not post photos of my family because I would like to keep that a little private here. And they have no idea that I have a blog. Hahahahaha!

P.P.S. Also it took me so long to update again after promising to upload at least twice or thrice a month because of some problems with our internet *cough* PLDT *cough*


xoxo Jem


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