Fun Factory Food Park


Food parks are now being a huge trend here in the Philippines. Sooner or later, every province or city will have it’s own food park. And I am actually glad of it because it is such a wholesome place to hang out and there are a lot of different choices of food. From Mexican, American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and of course, Pinoy food.

Here in Cavite, Fun Factory Food Park has opened a few weeks ago. I think it is the third or fourth one that opened here in Philippines. First impression, I thought I’m entering into a children’s playground with it’s colorful and cartoon-based theme. There are some (attempted) 3D paintings surrounding the place. It’s actually all cute but unfortunately, it started raining when we arrived so I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos.



We decided to order from the small shack that serves Mexican food (we got a taco and a burrito) and another shack that serves drinks (juices, cocktails). The foods aren’t overpriced and they are all well done. I really can’t say anything bad about the food because there’s nothing bad to say at all. After that, I went to get ice cream that has Nitrogen in it.

I enjoyed my visit at Fun Factory Food Park. Although I have to say, I did not like their chairs. Hahaha! It’s the only thing that I have something to say actually. Wish they’d get chairs that goes with the theme.

For those interested in going, they start operations at 4PM and ends at 12MN daily. Also, just wear your most comfortable clothes because it can get a little hot when it gets crowded.

Rating: 4 stars


xoxo Jemmy


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