Thirteen Reasons Why

***Please be warned that there will be spoilers on this particular post. Mostly are my thoughts but it can still ruin the book or show for you if haven't read or watched it.*** I. Summary The story started with Clay Jensen getting a box of cassette tapes when he got home from school. There were… Continue reading Thirteen Reasons Why


That Redhead That Sings

Ed Sheeran. I first found out about him in a Harry Potter group that I belong to in FaceBook when someone posted it along with the caption 'WHAT WOULD MRS. WEASLEY SAY WITH RON SINGING A MUGGLE SONG?' And that got me curious. So I clicked on the video and watched. I focused on Rupert… Continue reading That Redhead That Sings


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

****WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. ALSO THIS IS JUST A SHORT OUTBURST OF A FANGIRL**** Okay. Now that we have cleared that.... ASDFGHJKL!!!!!!! Sorry. A little freak out. I've been having a Harry Potter withdrawal symptom ever since the last movie was released in 2011. My fangirl heart has been bursting with joy since they announced… Continue reading Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them